Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Phone Salesman

            My wife and I just purchased new phones, and to some this might not be a big issue. To us it is a pit where money just disappears. We always start by saying that we want just a super basic phone. "We just need the basics you know, a few minutes to split and texting." Without fail it turns into an all out term paper that has three credible sources that site why one phone is better than the others, and which company will be best for service. (Our house is the only house on the block where any and all service vanishes, and one bar is something to be coveted)
            Before this endeavor, we talked about our last "experience" that we had at the store. To my wife, the salesman was rude, and encouraging me to buy the top of the line phone that I didn't need. It just so happens that the man that sold us the fancy phone last time still held the same position at the same store, and was the only available person to help us. Well shoot dang!
            We happened to have done really well this go around, and no blood was shed. (lucky for the salesman) Here is where things got tricky. Our 10 month old son had come with us. He is about the best child in public. He will play with you, high five you, and mean mugs you when he wants you to laugh. This was supposed to be a quick trip to the phone store, so why would any responsible parent bring the diaper bag? Well, he took advantage of this opportunity and dropped a nasty deuce. With all the discretion that I had, I quietly lean in and whisper to my wife that he went number two.

            The poop incident would have been fine, but once the salesman noticed the smell, he decided to tell us that it ok, and he knows when his two year old daughter soils herself because she does stuff on her stomach so it won't squish the poo. In a room full of customers, he thought that the issue my wife and I were whispering about would be a good time for him to plug himself as a good dad for noticing his child's behavior about her doing her business. Salesman you are now 0 for 2.

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